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Somewhere between big city and rural, street-wise and book-smart, underground and mainstream, old school and new school, hard body bars and raw emotion, there is California-bred Hiway. The dividers in today's rap game are all-too prominent, and he thrives on those lines; acting as, for all intents and purposes, a bridge. His niche lies in the ability to keep sonically relevant, while at the same time incorporating the essence and fundamentals of the art. Hiway may not be too much of one thing, but as the listener soon discovers, it is because he is unapologetically himself. Right or wrong, there will always be a uniqueness to his music, therefore, artists and fans alike are eager to connect. Sharing the stage with the likes of Tha Dogg Pound, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Tech N9ne, Dead Prez, Wu Tang Clan, Afroman and Parliament Funkadelic (just to name a few) over the years has helped grow the rapper into a seasoned vet. If you could mix the lyricism of a Nas with the speed of a Twista and the smoothness of a Drake, you would have Hiway. You would not be off base grouping him with today's artists like Black Hippy, Flatbush Zombies or Dreamville. You may have spotted him in a World Underground (formally Team Backpack) cypher, performing at the infamous Gathering Of The Juggalos, or as far up as being featured on TMZ. He may have taken the “scenic route" in hip hop as he put it in his words, but he has been around, and most importantly, has been consistent. His honesty, vulnerability, and tenacity combined is what makes Hiway unequivocally hip hop. Whether you are an artist or listener, Hiway invites you into his world with an approachable finesse. He easily maneuvers through aggressive rhyming, easily-digestible singing duets, and conceptual songs, proving his versatility. You will leave the experience feeling fulfilled. Again, not too much of one thing, but rather a little of everything, is the story of Hiway. 

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